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Arcus Digital Service Hub

The Arcus Digital Services Hub is the product I currently manage. It provides a single view and a single point of access for the resident across council services, and at the same time a single view for the council of that resident journey.

The services available on the platform allow the user to residents can pay their council tax, view their benefits instalments, order new bins, apply for a for licences and more. by Soundrop

Soundrop is social listening Spotify app. In 2014, they launched a new digital marketing tool for record labels named This new product is willing to simplify the creation of campaigns and optimise their return on investment by converting fans in customers.

During my internship placement, I had the opportunity to work on different parts of the current product and on a new one still in development.

Neopost Package Configurator

Neopost is a B2B group encompassing three companies: an online store selling stationery, a parcel shipping cost comparator and a network of parcel lockers for online retailers.

This Online Package Configurator was a Gobelins School project commissioned by Neopost. It allows online retailers to customise their packages. This unique service is giving small online businesses the opportunity to stand out and improve their customers’ shopping experience last step: the reception of their parcel.

Squarepeg : A Video-Focused Website

Video-Focused Responsive website for an advertising music supervision agency:

Responsive Website : Mutants Records

Responsive website for Mutants Records, an electronic music record label founded by the swedish producer John Dahlbäck:

Urban Garden Mobile App

The concept of this mobile application for Truffaut, a french company selling plants and flowers, aim to enlarge their current customer base to a younger crowd.

This app was then designed to help busy urban young people to choose their plants. Customised advices on how to keep their little garden healthy are also generated with reminders.


Mobile App Usability Testing

Usability tests on a paper prototype for mobile splitting restaurant bills.

Lunde Bros One-Page Band Website

Responsive website for the electronic music Swedish duo Lunde Bros :

eCommerce Project

This project was a response to a call for tenders for an e-commerce platform.

Youtube / TV ads

Pacha Ibiza Deep House

My Mood Book: Business Start-up Simulation

My Mood Book is a 2 months business start-up simulation which took place at the Gobelins school. The goal was to make a business plan and then pitch potential investors. My team’s project was a new service for e-commerce platforms selling books.

Our proposition was an algorithm that would have categorise the books by feelings and emotions. We already had a simple algorithm analysing the words in books. But in order to know whether or not the project was feasible, we contacted scientists including Nicolas Leveau, a linguist who wrote a thesis PhD on emotional analysis in texts.

Lyrics Music Video

Wookie feat. Eliza Doolittle – The Hype (Official Lyric Video)

Wiithaa Community Around Useful 3D Printing

Wiithaa is a product design agency with a focus on environment and up-cycling. I worked with them on the conception of a new a community around Useful 3D printing.

This 3 months project was organised by Alice Lab research program on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The goal was to propose a platform where people can upload and download 3D models for free. These will be essentially useful objects and 3D objects converting waste into new products. The idea behind this project was to gather designers and 3D printer users sharing similar values on one platform.

“Hard To Find” Compilation Campaign

Hard To Find is a compilation series bringing together digitally unreleased remixes from old 12” vinyl collections and CD singles. The DJ historian and journalist  Bill Brewster is the person behind the concept of this album.

The Hard To Find blog was the central hub of the campaign. All the content created (interviews, playlist and short stories about the singles) was posted on the different social media pages. This blog is a redesigned WordPress skin:

“Not A Saint” Campaign

Just released after christmas 2012, the single “Not A Saint” did more than 4.5 Million views on YouTube and was playlisted at Radio 1. For this campaign, I created an advent calendar mini-website with daily giveaways such as music, goodies, iPods, ringtones, T-Shirts, videos and playlists from the 3 artists:

Pacha Podcast

Created and managed Pacha Ibiza’s official podcast

ADE Video Showreel

Videos are a more en more important because they are easily sharable and work efficiently across multiple platforms. I’ve done video montage and motion design for some marketing campaigns and other various promotion tools. The softwares I’m using are Premiere, Flash and After Effect.

Music Video Mashup

This video for Jaxxon track “Get Winged” is a mashup of Tarantino’s Top 20 favourite spaghetti westerns and his latest movie Django Unchained.


I have redesigned the website of this booking agency specialised in EDM artists. The aim was to create a new layout adapted to the new roster list and give a bigger visual impact to each act:

Video Flyers for Events

Videos are a more en more important because they are easily sharable and work efficiently across multiple platforms. I’ve done video montage and motion design for some marketing campaigns and other various promotion tools.

Video for the Big Chill House event Mixcloud Digital Soundclash :

Video for the Big Chill House event Dancehall Jamboree :

Electronic Landscapes: Booklet-CD + Exhibition-Events

During the 4-years life of the organisation “Art Lab”, I managed and conceptualised the project “Electronic_Landcapes”. Its aim was to show the diversity of electronic music and its complementary nature with visual art.

◙ Production of a book and of a 11 tracks compilation.
◙ Distribution of the Book-compilation “Electronic_landscapes”.
◙ Creation of a network of sellers (Music retailer, Bookshop, Museum’s shop)
◙ Won the prize Paris Jeunes Talents and a €4,000 grant to fund the project


Artlab: Artists & Musicians Non Profit Organisation

Back in 2004, I created with some friends a non-profit organisation named “Artlab” in Paris. Our aim was to promote interactions between young visual artists and musicians from different background and disciplines.

Through this network, I’ve managed a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects. We’ve started by organising gigs where visual artists such as VJs where collaborating with DJs and bands.

Then we started to create more important projects such as “Electronic Landscape”. On this one, we gathered 4 musicians/bands and 4 visual artists to form duos for a series of exhibitions and gigs. We also produced a booklet-compilation (1,000 copies) collecting the works of theses artists.